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Dr. Ed Gray

Thrift Store Industry LEGEND, Dr. Ed Gray has been in the Thrift Business for fifty plus (50+) years. It has been said that if anyone knew half of what Dr. Gray has forgotten, they would be light-years ahead in the Thrift Industry.

That said Dr. Gray is the TRUE THRIFT STORE GURU.

Thrift Store Specialist - GURU

The entire Thrift Industry has benefited from Dr. Gray's involvement in one form or another. Too numerous to mention are the specific missions that Dr. Gray has assisted either directly or indirectly.

From the Waterfront Mission Bargain Centers in Pensacola, FL to the Rescue Mission Alliance stores in Oxnard, CA to various parts of Canada… Dr. Gray has been coast to coast & international, providing his EXPERTISE in creating the MOST PROFITABLE THRIFT STORES in the world.

AGRM - Association of Gospel Rescue Missions www.AGRM.org

  • President - 3 yrs
  • District President - 7 yrs
  • Committee Member - 30+ yrs

ACTS - Association of Christian Thrift Stores www.ACTSwebsite.com

  • Founder - 1991

Dr. Gray founded the Association of Christian Thrift Stores in an effort to share his extensive knowledge of the Thrift Store Business with fellow members of the industry.

He has served off & on with his son Leo Gray since the formation of ACTS in one official capacity or another. Dr. Gray is still conducting yearly workshops in his continual mission to raise funds for worthy 501c3 Charitable Organizations.

Feel free to contact Dr. Gray by e-mail.

"It is my personal Privilege & Honor to be working with Dr. Gray. His unending commitment to our industry inspires me on a daily basis."
Rusty Parrish

Mission Statement

Creating Premiere Thrift Store Operations is our ONLY business