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"Rusty is very knowledgeable about the Thrift Industry. His expertise has been very helpful in getting the most from our material donations!"

Daniel Doty
City Union Mission

It has been a week since you joined us at Hope Gospel Mission’s Bargain Center. We feel like our eight year old store is reopening all over again. We have enjoyed consistent profit since we opened our thrift operation however; you have just challenged us to take what we are doing to a whole new level.

Your experience in the “for profit” thrift world has unlocked some of the steps we were missing to ensure we are giving our customers fresh product at prices they want to pay in our market. Your concrete step by step system for sorting, pricing, hanging, and displaying clothing will help us greatly increase the number of pieces of new merchandise we are getting to the floor daily. We will also be able to use the concrete production numbers of the men and women in our training program to gauge their individual efforts so we can better prepare them to get and keep their next job when they leave our program. We look forward to working with you over the coming months as we implement your suggestions for improvement.

I highly recommend your thrift expertise to any other Association of Gospel Rescue Mission or other charity looking to maximize their stewardship of the items given to us to further our worthwhile purposes.

Craig Pedersen
Hope Gospel Mission

"I represented Rusty a few years ago when he sold his multi-location thrift store chain. Rusty was a pleasure to work with as a client, in that he was able to communicate his vast knowledge of the thrift store industry to potential buyers in a way that allowed them to truly understand his business model.

That same knowledge base and communication skill is what allows him to be a successful consultant today for people in, or getting into, the thrift store industry." September 1, 2010

1st Jeremy Furtick
Senior Business Advisor, VR Business Sales, Mergers & Acquisitions

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