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Lisa Parrish

Lisa was raised in a retail environment. Her 1st job was pumping gas at her parents' full service gas station at the ripe old age of 13. She held this job throughout high school only giving it up after graduation, getting married & becoming pregnant with her 1st child.

She definitely learned to multi task & organize while raising 4 children, running her own business, "HandPrints" which was a upscale children’s resale store. Wife, mother, business woman…enough said.

Lisa’s "Thrift Expertise" came naturally. Call it intuition, sixth sense, or whatever you want; she was a Natural from the beginning. From managing thrift stores to building her own company, Lisa has proven her ability in all areas of Thrift, over & over through out the years.

She is a Premiere Thrift Store Consultant and is excited to be sharing her expertise with ThriftStoreSpecialist.Com clients.

Feel free to contact Lisa by e-mail.

Mission Statement

Creating Premiere Thrift Store Operations is our ONLY business!