Welcome to the World of Recycling!

The Recycling Alliance was created to build networks & create alliances between like minded parties.

Our mission is to assist & ensure that ALL, even the smaller thrift store operators through these alliances are able to receive the same preferential deals & treatment as the larger operators generate.

In order to create this WinWin situation, ThriftStoreSpecialist.Com formed partnerships with only the most Premiere Recycling Companies throughout the United States.

Our Premiere Partners have multiple extensive networks & distribution channels both nationally & internationally. The Recycling Alliance is now able to offer these world wide distribution networks direct to YOU.

By utilizing this opportunity, it can greatly assist you in the endeavor to boost your Bottom Line Profits by generating more sales at your registers & obtaining the most for your textile recyclables.

Some have actually reported DOUBLING their NET BOTTOM LINE PROFITS with our guidance & the successful use of our methods. Now it can be your turn if you’re ready.

For more specific information contact us by email.


1.) Liquidation Items; comprised of JCPenney™, Kohl's® , Macy's, Sears, Target & Macy’s United States product lines. Upgrade your current inventory to create more $’s at your registers. (Priced per pc.)

2.) Credential Clothing; Quality donations obtained from select economic areas throughout the United States. (Priced per lb.)

3.) Mixed Rags; We will assist you in the creation of a direct relationship with our Premiere Partners which will allow you the opportunity to generate Top Dollars for your mixed rags, shoes (both paired & unpaired) and accessories. (Priced per lb.)

  • Storage Trailers – Many times your location will be provided with free storage trailers it feasible. This could allow you additional valuable working space within your organization.

  • Supplies – We provide shoe bags, rubber bands and bag ties to minimize your expenses.

  • Payment Policy – We process your payment the minute we confirm the weight of your products. In many cases this is the same or next day of receiving your shipment.

For more specific information contact us by email.


Mission Statement

Creating Premiere Thrift Store Operations is our ONLY business